Property Investment

House with Multiple Occupation (HMO) is classed as a property where three or more people live and share basic facilities such as a kitchen or bathroom.


Triple A Investments is an upscale HMO portfolio operator in the United Kingdom providing upmarket finish and furnishings for professional sharers. The vast majority of rooms have a bathroom en-suite.


Our HMO service includes:


  • Sourcing, appraisal & acquisition

  • Converting property into upmarket HMO

  • Long term rental & management

  • Management of client portfolio

An HMO rental investment benefits from the following:


  • Charging rent per room rather than for an overall property with one tenant yields a higher total rent – an increase in rent by 300%.


  • HMO Tenants save 30 - 40%.


  • As multiple households rent the property at the same time, complete voids between tenancies has no impact, as all tenants do not move out at the same time, therefore eliminating the possibility of the property being completely empty. In addition, our upscale model minimises the time between a tenant moving out and another professional moving in.


Triple A Investments builds strategic local partnerships to bring local knowledge and expertise to an expanding HMO property portfolio.

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