Top city growth in the United Kingdom 2018

The top three cities for growth in Q1 2018 are Cambridge, Ipswich and Reading. These cities are spurred on by particularly strong growth in the technology sector. However, Milton Keynes may top growth in the next decade. Both of these economies benefit from the booming technology and life science sectors in the United Kingdom, and alongside Oxford, which saw high growth of 2.3% in Q1, form the high knowledge cluster of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor.

Plans to develop high-quality roads between Oxford and Cambridge will help boost connectivity, but developing efficiency of inner-city transport is also important. Cambridge has seen vast housing developments over the past decade, and public transport systems should be expanded to keep up with the city’s growing population.

Looking ahead in 2018, Ipswich and Reading are expected to stay in the top five cities. Ipswich benefits from its links to Felixstowe, the largest container port in Britain. This places Ipswich in a key position to facilitate trade with the industrial heartlands of Northern Europe.

All five of the top cities for growth have a large information and technology sectors. Data shows that the UK technology sector is expanding 2.6 times as fast as the rest of the economy. This sector is well supported by the government, with the Prime Minister approving a £2.5 billion Patient Capital Fund and new start-up visas in June. This is part of several measures set to stimulate growth in the UK tech sector.

City Growth – Q1 2018

City ranking Growth

1 Cambridge 2.6%

2 Ipswich 2.5%

3 Reading 2.4%

4 Milton Keynes 2.4%

5 Norwich 2.4%

6 Southampton 2.4%

7 Peterborough 2.4%

8 Oxford 2.3%

9 Swindon 2.3%

10 Rotherham 2.2%

Forecast City Growth – Q1 2028

City ranking Growth

1 Milton Keynes 1.6%

2 Cambridge 1.6%

3 Reading 1.5%

4 Oxford 1.4%

5 Ipswich 1.3%

6 Brighton 1.2%

7 Southampton 1.1%

8 Norwich 1.1%

9 Inner London 1.1%

10 Portsmouth 1.1%

Triple A Investments’ developments of residential and commercial new builds, residential conversions into offices and upmarket HMO’s are located solely in Southern England – the top ten forecast city growth region in 2028.

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