Genetic Diseases & Oncology

Triple A Investments & partners establish Molecular Diagnostics centre for Genetic Diseases and Oncology, providing early detection for bowel, breast, cervical, lung and prostate cancers, among others.

Molecular Diagnostics facilitates correct treatment, saving valuable time in treatment compared with conventional clinical diagnosis.

Early detection of cancers increases the success of treatment and life expectancy is extended for patients.

Our Group establish the capability and capacity of a fully functional Molecular Diagnostics laboratory with trained certified personnel for post diagnostic treatment and follow up care using smart therapy.


Over 20 years experience in the fields of Clinical Genetics and DNA  based Forensics testing has resulted in an extensive company knowledge base, putting them at the forefront of these technologies.

Molecular diagnostics in cancer patients is an essential prerequisite for accurate disease diagnostics, prognosis and determination of appropriate therapy (smart therapy).

For many disorders, genetic testing and molecular diagnostics are the only method to make an accurate diagnosis and guide the clinicians in choosing the most suitable therapy and support for patients. In this manner, they help avoid additional unnecessary clinical investigations and expenses.

Upon completion of the project, the institution will be able to utilise the transferred technology for diagnostics, research, project development and execution, and testing tailored to the needs of the local population.

To date, our partner has completed 18 turnkey projects in 8 countries with post-completion support, service and consumable commitments lasting up to five years.



Over 25 years experience in the fields of Clinical Genetics and DNA based Forensics testing has resulted in an extensive company knowledge base, putting the organisation at the forefront of these technologies.

Our partner has extensive knowledge and experience in setting up complete ‘Turnkey’ laboratories and reagent-rental projects, with 52 laboratories established in 6 countries and tests sold to over 45 countries worldwide.

On completion, the centre will be a world-standard DNA forensics laboratory, with the capacity of a DNA database. The objective of the proposed project is a functional national institution, which is run and operated by local personnel and experts, including the latest design, build, equipment and instrumentation processing systems using the most up to date testing technology and methods within a regulated quality systems environment.

Financing options for 3-7 years for Turn-key projects, if required.

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