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International Finance

Infrastructure: Government & Public-Private Partnership

Triple A Investments facilitates high-level international funding to governments and public-private partnership (PPP) with sovereign guarantee or a bank guarantee (minimum BBB rating), for infrastructure, and large-scale projects, including agriculture, irrigation, mining, and healthcare.


Regional Molecular Diagnostics Centre for Genetic Diseases and Oncology Diagnostics.


Regional Molecular Diagnostic Centre for genetically inherited diseases and cancer diagnostic with capacity to train for post diagnostic treatment and follow up care using smart therapy.


The function of this laboratory is to provide genetic and hence evidence-based diagnostic capability for detection and therapy determination.


This capability will save costs to the Healthcare system via early detection, therefore lowering treatment costs, while determining the correct methods of treatment will save both costs and the loss of valuable patient treatment time caused by the application of incorrect therapies. It will also provide detection of genetically inherited diseases improving quality of life.


The existence of such a centre of excellence in the nation will eliminate the need for patients to travel abroad, will become a revenue-generating centre, drawing patients from surrounding countries.


Cost: 10 – 15 million Euros depending on specification and size (financing is available for up to 7 years).

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Triple A Investments arrange Private Equity for listed companies based in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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