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Triple A Investments represents a Molecular Diagnostics Centre for Genetic Diseases and Oncology, providing early detection for bowel, breast, cervical and lung cancer.

Molecular Diagnostics facilitates correct treatment, saving valuable time in treatment compared with conventional clinical diagnosis.

Early detection of cancers increases the success of treatment and life expectancy is extended for patients.

Our partner establishes the capability and capacity of a fully functional Molecular Diagnostics laboratory with trained certified personnel for post diagnostic treatment and follow up care using smart therapy.

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The function of this laboratory is to provide genetic and evidence-based diagnostic capability for detection and therapy determination.

This capability will save costs to the Healthcare system via early detection, therefore lowering treatment costs, while determining the correct methods of treatment will saving both costs and the loss of valuable patient treatment time caused by the application of incorrect therapies. It will also provide detection of genetically inherited diseases which in turn improves quality of life of the patients.

The existence of such a centre of excellence in a country will eliminate the need for patients to travel abroad, and in time will become a revenue-generating centre, drawing patients from surrounding countries.


The technology is also available for early detection for other cancers.

To date, our partner has completed 18 turnkey projects in 8 countries, with post-completion support, service and consumable commitments lasting up to 5 years.