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Triple A Investments facilitates high-level international funding for Government projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 

In addition, our Group represents a Fund that provides a Public Company with an equity investment commitment that will give the company the right to drawdown capital in exchange for new ordinary shares.

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Molecular Diagnostic for Genetic Diseases and Oncology

Our group establishes a laboratory for Molecular Diagnostic for Genetic Diseases and Oncology, providing early detection for bowel, breast, cervical, lung and prostate cancers.

DNA Forensics Laboratory

Our partner has extensive knowledge and experience in setting up complete ‘Turnkey’ laboratories and reagent-rental projects.


Triple A Investments is global business development partner for Turkey’s most established and premier Private Hospital group.


We offer expertise across our range of development services.

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Triple A Investments develops new build property, conversions and long term property rental.